Don’t Chase People – Will Smith!

Don't Chase People –  Will Smith!

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Will Smith  --  Dont Chase People

In our business, in Network Marketing, we hear things like, "You can not say the wrong thing to the right people", and "People stay for a season, or for a reason", and at times it can be hard to work out why, or who this will apply to.

Some people who you think will be great, and you "just have this feeling" about can be ones that just do not even start, do nothing, and disappear…. And perhaps we acted in a way that was not attractive to them, or they sensed something, or worse still, we told them!

Have we piled on too much pressure already?

We need to act like ourselves, true, BUT, we need to be a certain version of ourselves… Not stressed, Not applying any pressure on people, and not looking desperate.

We need to be:

  • Calm

  • In control

  • Very supportive, without being like a "Mother Hen"

  • Available,

  • Understanding

  • Caring

  • Blasé about what their involvement will do for us

  • Laser focused about wheat we can do for them

  • Value everyone. but

  • Rely on no one

In essence, we need to have a Positive Posture.

We hear, and I feel often forget, that "If we help enough people get what they want, you can have everything that you want." – Zig Ziglar

In essence, we have to be, and the working environment around us has to be, "attractive"!


They have to know that when they speak to you you are going to be giving the sort of advice they need, to help them, not just shuffle them into a position that is the best for us. We have had that happen to us, and it is not a good feeling when you find that out.

If you need someone to be in a certain postilion, and the people you have are not "stepping" into that role – either that do not want that for themselves, or currently they do not believe they could, then instead of trying to coerce anyone, simply go out, and look for someone new, until you find several people who too would like to be in that position.

Your people will them know that you are not the sort to shuffle people around to your benefit…. If people are happy where they are, you will let them be happy. If will not stop you from making your organization be the shape it needs to be. Also, they will see that, when they are ready to move to a higher position you are willing to work with the people who volunteer themselves.


Practice this, and you will see over time that indeed the people around you are the ones who are "The Right people". People who were around you, and were negative, or generally where always skeptical will have a smaller place in your life, and their effect on you will be diminished.

These people maybe family members or friends, so will still be there, but perhaps you will have less contact with them. You will have so many positive people to be around, you will naturally gravitate towards them, as they too will gravitate towards you!



Posted By Jon Barry

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7 Responses to Don’t Chase People – Will Smith!

  1. Chasing and impressing people have been one of the mistakes of the many. Sometimes, we lose respect and value to ourselves just because we always try to impress them and chase after them. And in the end, we end up being the losers.

    • Hi Sarah

      We recently had our company conference. One of hte things mentioned by one of the speakers, and the ONE takeaway point the guy sat next to me made a big note on was….


      You say (for example) you are in a strong viable business, where it is easy to sell, recruit, and progress….

      SO why are you chasing a friend or family member around the block then?

      Seems that maybe, it is not easy to recruit, or sell, if you need to hound that person!


      It is easy, we say, look at this, then sasy, what do you think? Or wanna try this?

      If they say NO – the very next thing (after maybe a small amount of objection handling only) is, So hows this weather for ya? Or, How is the family? OR – Hows it going in that job of yours?

      NOT to lead them, and you, back into how great your business is, just that you have moved on…. Plenty of fish in the sea, dangled a worm in front of you, you didn’t bite…. buy you are still friend or family member…. so I will just carry on as before….

      Your posture becomes, Hey! I can offer you this, if you grab it, or not will not effect me in the next 2-5 years, but it sure as hell will effect you…..

      However, if you change your mind in the future, you know where I am….. And I did not humiliate you, or call you dumb, so that you would NEVER come back to me on this….

      We need to portray what we want people to see.

      We need the right posture.

      Thanks for popping by Sarah, think this may convert to a blog post soon!


    • Hi Sarah, very well put….

      I am reminded of a friend, whose “friend” would only go running around where she lived….

      If anyone wanted to go running with her, they had to go to her, she would never go to them….

      Someone thought she was seen running in our town, and when asked, the friend simply said, would not be her, she would never run anywhere other than where she runs, around her home….

      That struck me then, and made me think. And it made me think about why people like that would attract people to them at all?

      Can it all be the fake boobs?


  2. It’s funny because Will Smith isn’t essentially a person I would associate with making profound statements, but he actually dos say some remarkable things. Great motivational saying here, and yes, we will be surrounded by the people who are destined to be here with us. We can influence that with a positive attitude too as that attracts like minded people to us.

    Enjoy the journey.


    • Mandy,

      I think I am going to be putting some more of Will Smith on here….

      I too would never have thought, and he is perhaps the most well known, tom me, that is saying either stuff like this, or about the Law of Attraction too.

      Must dig some out now!


  3. What if those people also take this advice, wouldn’ they be waiting for you to show up as well?

    • Hi Frankie,

      I don’t think he meant just hole-up at home waiting for people to come to you….


      Just don’t be like the salesman tbat practically chases you around the shop, hoping to get a sale….


      That’s all.



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