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Ever wonder what makes a leader a leader?

This infographic explains the habits of a successful leader.

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Infographic-  -  getting fit to lead


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Getting Fit To Lead infographic

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  1. There must be something wrong with the image, I only see broken image icon. Moving forward, leadership is all about determination, achieving goals and having a tough heart and wise mind to lead people. Building an effective way to communicate with other people is a great trait of a leader and thus, this plays a big role in achieving success.

    • Hi

      Sorry about the image. I used their embed code – I now have downloaded it, and placed it in as normal, leaving credits in place.


      I completely agree about communication skills and leadership.

      The difference between the shouty “leader” and the gentle persuaders styles is huge, and ultimately thefentle way wins out…. Massively.

      Also, for me, knowing that if you have people around you who don’t want to go with you, at least, not yet, the answer is to find more people, not try to force those into doing what you want them to do!


      Thanks for stopping by.



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