Its About Being Feisty…


It's About Being Feisty…

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At times we need to say what is what, and not worry who it may upset. In fact, I read something a few hours ago, by a guy called Clint Butler, which said,

"Seek to alienate people who don’t connect with you.  Instead of trying to be a person who blends in.  Be completely ok with make people mad at you.  I can’t tell you how many times I have deleted a comment or article I have written because I thought it might offend someone.  It wasn’t until I understood that if I offended them.  Then I probably didn’t want to do business with them anyway.  That relationship between us would never have been a good one.  So its best they leave offended early on, versus offended after they purchased something from me."

Now that was some quote! It was from his article,

How often have we done that….?

Oh, don't upset anybody, don't be outspoken, we have to be neutral, be beige….. So, we bend, and break, trying to keep everyone happy, and sometimes you almost achieve that…. as in everyone is happy…

Oh, except you.


50 years ago, we lived in small towns, and we had to make do with who we were around, pretty much. yes, we could move, but tended not to.

Now I can talk to, be friends with, people all over the world. The other day, a few of us got together in a Google hangout. I know where I was, Cardiff, Wales, and I knew that Lesly is new York, or New York state…. Clint was there, not sure exactly where he lives, but it was 20:00 start for Lesly, 01:00 start for me, and 05:00 start fro Clint!

So, if we can do that, today, with our technology, why do we need to be guarded in how we talk? Especially here, on our blogs?

Surely we can find people we like, and who like us, and be able to work together, towards a common goal?

Maybe then, we will feel a little more alive, and be able to be a bit feisty with it too!



Posted By Jon Barry


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10 Responses to Its About Being Feisty…

  1. Jon this was great… I read that post by Clint and that statement alone made me think about online relationships and even those in my life personally. You don’t have to like or be friends with everyone.You don’t have to “shut-up” either. I believe there will always be people that like or don’t like you for one reason or another.. so be with the ones that do. It makes for a better, positive life experience …Thank you for posting this :-)

    • Hi Lesly

      It was a good combination of finding that pic, reading Clin’t post… and they just merged!

      Nice when that happens…

      Nearly 7 billion on the planet – we are not going to be friends with everyone! Nor should we try to be friends with everyone….

      However, I also think we do not need to be rude, insulting, or deriseory about people we do not gel with…. we are just different…. and let it go at that.

      Thanks for stopping by Lesly, and thanks for your leadership in our masterMinds group!


  2. I agree with you Jon we don’t have to please every one we say what we have to say and is correct it’s the way it,s suppose to be i thing. Love your Post

    • Hi Helene

      Thanks for the compliments!

      This is the aspect i think I like about the internet the most – being able to connect to people, wherever they live.

      Distance, and time are no longer an issue – you can say something today, and I can still join in later, next week, next month, or even next year….

      Gone are teh times when we had to be there to be part of it.

      Thanks for stopping by Helene!


  3. Excellent post Jon and a very interesting read, Why should we fit in, when we were born to stand out, Thank you and keep up the good work my friend 😉

    • Hi there Paudie

      Thanks for the compliments!

      We all try to fit in, at some time or other, but it is the differences that make us interesting…. Who wants dumb clones as friends?

      We indeed were born to stand out!

      Thanks for dropping by, and carrying on teh conversation!


  4. The concept of a “Global Village” is more and more of a reality because of technology.
    Used to be you married the best of the people in your neighborhood. Now we can choose from anywhere in the world. I agree with you, we don’t have to worry that much about preserving unhealthy relationships. Not if you have the courage to look beyond your direct scope.

    • Hi Princess

      The marriage part I had not even thought of, but indeed you are so right!

      How many people have met on the internet, and are now living happily?

      Thanks for bringing in a different perspective to the conversation, one I would never have gone to on my own!


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