Office Slaves

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You might have recently referred to your boss as a "slave driver," but did you really stop to think about what that meant? Are you really a slave to your boss in the modern world? After all, you can quit any time, and no one can stop you.

It is not illegal to walk off the job.

Of course, you may suffer consequences including but not limited to homelessness, a breakdown of your personal relationships and starvation. Still, this seems a far cry from slavery where people are owned and beaten or killed if they try to leave, or is it?

Perhaps the key is looking at how people are valued instead of whether they have to keep doing what they are doing. For most people, the consequences of leaving even a job they hate without at least lining up another one are too great.

Few people would actually consider doing so. However, we might tell ourselves that most jobs have perks that make them at least somewhat worthwhile. We can advance in our careers and learn interesting skills along the way, and in the meantime, our employers really value us as people – or do they?

Let's think about that one a little bit more.

What happens if you go to your boss and ask for a raise? Will your boss say that things are tight, but since you really need the money to help with your mortgage or the new baby, the company is going to do its best to find a way to help you out?

That's not very likely.

The company might decide to give you a raise, but only if it agrees with their bottom line. In fact, they are a lot more likely to give you a raise if they think they might lose your skills otherwise. Furthermore, most companies will not hesitate to let their employees go without a second thought if times get tough.

Is the slavery mindset endemic to capitalism?

Just how close are the attitudes of the people at the top of the corporate world to that of slave owners?

Office Slaves

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