Music is such an important part of me, my life, and how I interact with it.

I also use it to communicate, when I can't too…

And at those times, I am thankful for the artists who say for me what I can not always say…

This… is 4D…




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Do You Want it Sugar Coated?

JVZoo Product FeedSocial Power Plugin \’The ATM for Social Currency\’ Special Launch Discount PLUS Lifetime Updates, Step by Step Video Tutorials and Awesome Bonuses Included!Sonic IPN Developer Would you help out and share this content for me please? byContinue Reading

Marshaling – Men’s Health – Survival of the Fittest – Cardiff – 2014

VIDEO – ^^^ – Slideshow of some of the album photos. ALBUM – vvv – all photos taken (from Facebook – sometimes a little slow to load).   I was marshaling this event, starting as Marshal 1 – the Hay Bails right from the start – and into the turn onto the road.   After wave 14 – each wave being…Continue Reading

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